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Kristina Porter

Kristina Porter  3-5 Science and Social Studies

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Kristina Porter

school-(806) 835-2533

Welcome to our Elementary Science webpage where we will be showcasing our student’s work!


We have a lot of exciting things planned for this year!


I am hoping to compete in both the eggdrop and catapult challenges at the Don Harrington Discovery Center this year.  You can check both these events out by going to




STEM Challenges

The third grade has completed their first STEM challenge of the year!  They had to create a structure that would support 100 pennies using nothing but 3 binder clips, a couple of coffee filters, some toothpicks, pipecleaners, and a little bit of tape. Congratulations to the two teams that managed to support all 100 pennies!

One of our winning teams!


One of our winning teams!








Congratulations to Joseph Johnson on winning our catapult challenge!


Catapult challenge!

Kristina Porter

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