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Transition Services

Transition Services help our qualifying students to move from being a student to an adult.  The student along with his/her parents, and the school begin to initiate the process of transition while the student is still enrolled in school. The primary focus of transition services are to plan for life after graduation and to address specific areas of:

  • Employment
  • Post secondary education and learning options
  • Independent living skills
  • Recreation/Leisure Activities


The partnership between the school, the student and the family are vital to successful transition and usually start with interviews, inventories, and inviting the student to attend ARDs once he/she is 14, the age where by law trasition must have been addressed.

For any additional information, the Lefors ISD Transition Coordinator is Dr. Kristin Campos.  Dr. Campos may be reached through the Lefors ISD main office at 806-835-2533.

Some good tranistion resources are listed below:

Transition in Texas Website

Transition & Employment Guides: